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Wisebox Solutions is a software and technology company that provides a robust platform with a proven track record for marketplaces, eCommerce, CRM, and business process automation. Whether you are a new startup taking off, or optimizing your business model for growth, solutions by Wisebox will empower you to differentiate and win

Our strategies and wisdom, gained from over two decades of experience across a vast and diverse range of projects, come with every solution we deliver. We are experts in understanding what makes your organization unique and how to optimize it

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If a picture is worth a thousand words, then this short list of just some of our real world solutions is worth a million. If you don't see what you are looking for, reach out for more examples




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Technology is the fabric, and we are the tailors. No two organizations are identical. So, neither should their solutions be. While others make you fit it, we tailor your solution to deliver your unique strengths and aspirations

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i-Open Group’s core values are Healthy Planet, Healthy People, Healthy Economy. The Digital Technology Supercluster’s core values are the same in different words. We partner and lead on numerous local initiatives with government, education, and startup culture. Together we are moving the local technology industry forward for a better future

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It isn't easy being a jack of all trades in software and technology, but we've come close

We've completed 100s of projects and supported our clients through many major versions of their solutions

Along the way, our skills have sharpened and our experience has broadened. You now have the opportunity to tap into this legacy while we continue to trail blaze the future

Understanding what makes you unique 100%

Marketplaces and eCommerce 100%

Management and Process Applications 100%

Leading Edge Tech 90%

Established in 2002, the i-Open Group of Companies is a geospatial technology solutions leader. After over a decade of success and several acquisitions, i-Open has grown into an international geospatial technology provider, partnering with some of the largest energy sector companies, municipal and provincial governments, transportation, and commercial real estate firms worldwide

i-Open and its subsidiaries help drive business transformation with solutions that enrich business process automation to achieve operational efficiencies, spatially-aware asset tracking, and enterprise-wide cost reductions. The company has a vast inventory of technology products and methodologies to deliver solutions that integrate spatial and non-spatial data


More recently, i-Open acquired Cnawlece, a Chilliwack BC based software development firm that has been instrumental in servicing equestrian associations, enterprise, and small businesses for over two decades. Post acquisition, the founder and CEO remains within the Group as the division CEO. As part of the larger team, Colin Schmidt is driving forward the newly branded entity Wisebox Solutions with an impressive portfolio of business process automation solutions, including the Moxie.Build platform, and a number of innovative ecommerce marketplaces

  • 1990's: 1st large client is Horse Council of BC. They are still a client today
  • 2018: Aligned by the group's vision, acquisition by i-Open Group
  • 2018 to 2021: Developed and brought to market five new lines of business
  • 2022: While remaining within i-Open Group, became a Zynim Venture

We are changing the world one line of code at a time.
Join us if you value a fast paced work environment, with a lot of autonomous ownership, while balancing the recipe of productivity and experimentation

You are a hunter and have a keen instinct for win-win-win scenarios. You value networks and the network-affect of platforms


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You understand how to increase quality while lowering both cost and time despite what others say about that infamous triangle diagram


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In the beginning was the code and the code created everything. All things are made through code, and without the code nothing is made



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